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Pastors & Staff

Pastor Keith McWhorterPastor Keith McWhorter

I was saved by God's grace as a young boy, under the preaching of my Dad, and enjoyed growing in grace with Dad as my pastor in Richmond, KY. Over the last fifteen years, the Lord has faithfully provided me opportunities for spiritual growth in the context of the local church, as well as in the military and business world. As an Officer in the United States Marine Corps, God blessed me with discipline and leadership training / experience. As a Materials Analyst with the General Electric Company, God provided me a glimpse into the “pressure cooker” that is the international economy. It was in 2003 that the Lord called me to preach and pastor, and in 2004, I entered The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, receiving an MDiv. in Missions, Evangelism and Church Growth in 2007. Those years were some of the most challenging of my life, but also very enriching. For the last 20 years, my constant friend and lover has been my wife, Michele. God has graced us with two daughters, Meaghan and Keileigh. The three greatest joys in my life are: Knowing God in Christ and being loved by Him, growing in Christ-like love with my wife, and raising my girls to become passionate, gospel-saturated women of grace. To God be all glory!

My passion as a pastor is reflected in our purpose and mission statements: I long for us to be a Christian family of disciple-making disciples who are consumed by the glory of God in the Gospel of Jesus Christ! This is what must drive us now and into the future. If you are new to the area and looking for a church, please worship with us soon! If you do, I just know that you will be blessed by God through the Christ-exalting worship, Word-driven preaching and teaching, and the loving unity of the Holy Spirit at CBC. If you are looking for a church that does not just talk about family ministry, but is determined by grace to equip God's people to live in gospel-centered families and marriages, and to raise up children and grandchildren God's way, come to CBC! If you want a church that desires to bend our lives to the absolute authority of the Word, come to CBC! If you want a church where people own themselves sinners saved only by the amazing grace of God in Christ, come to CBC! If you want a church where discipleship is not optional, come to CBC! Gospel-Driven. Christ-Centered. Loving People. Join us!

Pastor Jim BrooksPastor Jim Brooks

As I look back on my life, I see where God has been using me and preparing me to be a shepherd of His people. God began the work in me at Unity Baptist Church in Ashland, KY. It was there that God made me know the truth of Christ. It was there that He drew me and began to open my eyes to the beauty of His holy Word. It was also there that He began to use me in leadership positions as a deacon and worship leader.

From that beginning, God has lead Ellen and me to Houston, TX for what we thought was a job relocation, but the truth is that God, in His sovereign will, brought us there to expose me to more opportunities for service and leadership.

Once again God moved us, and this time to Corydon, IN. It was here that God made known His plan to make me an elder of His church, for which He gets all glory and praise.

It is truly a blessing to serve God at Corydon Baptist Church along with my fellow pastors. The greatest blessing is the people that God has assembled at this church. They are a joy to lead, and I encourage you to come visit and join us as we sing “What A Mighty God We Serve.”

Pastor Eric HallPastor Eric Hall

C.S. Lewis once wrote: “I never knew how bad I was until I tried to be good.” That’s the story of my conversion. God truly chased me down with the law until I was left crying on my bunk bed as a 13yr old.  There I was grounded for a month when I was trying to obey my parents. But as hard as I tried I could NOT obey them. I could not please them and could not please God, and I was undone. And even though I had asked to be forgiven before and even sincerely asked Jesus into my heart as a boy I had never really admitted my own badness and helplessness until that moment. I am so thankful for God’s offer to me in that moment and every moment since. The conviction brought out a very simple prayer, “God I cannot be good. But if you, Jesus, will be good for me I’ll take that.” That’s the great news of the Bible. You are bad. You cannot be good. Jesus offers not merely to pay for your badness. Jesus offers you His goodness. That’s the great exchange. Your badness for His goodness. All your horrible wickedness for all His perfect holiness. Will you take Him at His offer?

Psalm 73:25-26 are my life verses. “Whom have I in heaven but You, and I have no desire on earth besides You. My heart and my flesh may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and portion forever.” God has used these verses more than any other to bring me back to Him. I commend them to you.

Husband. Father. Shepherd. Three very weighty roles, none of which I’ve earned, all of which require God’s radical grace. Tiffany is my spotless bride. Calvin, Athan, Quinn, and Caedmon are my 4 adventurous boys. Corydon Baptist Church is my loving flock. I don’t have many hobbies outside of hanging with my family [i.e. household and church family]. If I had a clone, I’m thinking I would still hang with my family and my clone would play rugby [instead of just watch it] and probably grow a very large mustache… Sam Elliott large.

May the Lord Jesus bless you and keep you and chase you down with His law until you surrender and accept His offer of free grace.


Lori BeardLori Beard

My name is Lori Beard. I am a biblical counselor for women at CBC. That gorgeous man you see in my picture is my amazing husband, Cliff Beard. We've been married 28 years, and we have three lovely, funny, Christian daughters—Ashley, Amy, and Becca. We have one goofy, wonderful, godly son by marriage named David. I've been working as a biblical counselor for about three and a half years. My main area of ministry is women with an emphasis on young mommas. God has given me a great desire for women to be equipped to love and live for Jesus! Therefore, I spend my time discipling, mentoring, training, teaching, and counseling women. It has been my great privilege to see several of those women saved by the Gospel as well as learning to honor God in areas of faith, family, and daily life. My greatest passion is the glory of Jesus. I love to see Him work and move among His people. I love that the Bible is sufficient for every single area of living. I am so stinking excited at what God has done and continues to do at CBC and throughout our community! No matter what is happening in your life right now; good, bad, happy or sad; there is a place for you at CBC. Praise God for a Savior who told me 40 years ago, "Come to Me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest" (Matthew 11:28).


Alex BergerAlex Berger -
Worship Leader

The first time I found myself in an environment where the true gospel was being preached was in high school. Though I remained unconverted until age 20, I am certain that the Lord used the exposure to His word in my high school years to bring me to himself at a later time. I left for college, squandered everything, returned home and only delved deeper in my sin. But, praise be to God who called me out of darkness and into His marvelous light! After a season of depression, the Lord brought me to a point where I knew my own wretchedness and He unveiled the perfection of His son, Jesus Christ. I remember distinctly a month of tearful repentance followed by joy unspeakable at the free gift of grace and righteousness through faith in Christ. Through many opportunities in His church I have enjoyed leading both musical worship and teaching ministry. In 2015, I recognized both an internal and external call to ministry ultimately leading my family and I from Oshkosh, WI to Indiana, CBC, and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2017. We visited CBC and knew afterwards that we could not see ourselves being anywhere else. We love this church. Amidst the journey, the Lord has seen fit to bring me a lovely bride, Sammie Jo. She is the finest of the flock, a faithful and loving wife, and the sweetest of mothers to our two daughters Mercy and Sparrow. Without her support and help, I could never do what God has given me to do. By God’s immeasurable grace I have been given the opportunity to be Worship Leader at CBC. It is my commitment to lead our musical worship in such a way that the focus is upon God Himself as I and the rest of the team remain in the background. It is my passion and mission to keep our worship God-centered, rich in theological truth, and filled with authentic, undivided devotion. May God alone receive the glory for which He is worthy!