Ken Ham and The ARK Encounter

ArkAnswers in Genesis, led by Ken Ham, is causing quite a stir in the ranks of atheism, secularism, Darwinism, and sadly Christianity, with the announcement that they are planning to build an exact replica of Noah’s Ark.

If Noah’s flood is a myth, why do Darwinists care so much about this theme park scheduled to open in 2017? I don’t hear any evolutionists or Popes or Christians getting frothy at the mouth about all the secular, mythological theme parks already in existence. (You do realize the Castle at Disney World is mythological, don’t you?). Nobody wrote disparaging remarks in popular newspapers when “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” debuted!

Ah, friends, “we wrestle not against flesh and blood.”

The accusations made against Ken Ham and The ARK Encounter are outrageous. Three professors essentially blame him for our children’s poor math and science performances!  But wait a minute, I thought what our children are being taught in public schools is Darwinism, not Biblical Creation!  How can something that has not been allowed in classrooms in many decades be the reason for our students’ dismal aptitude?

I cannot say it better than Ken Ham, so please click Here and read his blog to see his rebuttal.

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