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BA2274-001A few years ago, a college student in our church gave me a copy of a book that was being handed out on her campus like cotton candy.  It’s titled Pro Evo: Pro Evolution – Guideline for an Age of Joy.  The author is Asama?  The book represents a tragic attempt to formulate an ethical system founded upon Darwinian evolution.

Were it not so serious in its approach, one would find it comical.  A system of ethics founded upon the notion that we are all cosmic accidents and originated from pond slime?  Is this Asama guy kidding?

No.  I’m afraid he’s not.  Let’s consider some of the concepts in this demonic book:

the meaning and purpose of man’s existence, is to be a transition and step in the course of evolution” (p. 26, his emphasis).

Now doesn’t that make you feel warm all over?  You are just a stepping stone.  A cog in the impersonal, mindless Darwinian machine.  Your life has no real significance except to perhaps advance the cause of a process that has never been observed by any scientist anywhere at anytime!  Wow!  That’s something worth living and dying for, isn’t it?

“A person’s thoughts and actions that impair his own evolution and that of his environment work against – obstruct – cosmic evolution; they are anti-evolution”  (p. 27, his emphasis).

Hmmm.  I wonder if Christianity, by this definition, is anti-evolution and therefore should be eradicated?  And what of homosexuality under these parameters?  It would seem to be anti-evo, would it not?

Anti-evo behavior – impoliteness . . . envy . . . hostility . . . hate . . . killing people and animals . . . cowardice . . . anger . . . arrogance . . . lust . . . rage and so on – disappear of their own accord, or do not arise at all, if a person sets only pro-evo goals and persistently seeks to achieve them” (p. 59, his emphasis).

Who knew ridding ourselves of our sin nature and all its ill effects was so easy?  No need for a Savior.  No need for God and His grace.  Indeed, no God to even be concerned with, only yourself and self-mastery.  Only one problem, God is on record saying, “Can the Ethiopian change his skin color or the leopard his spots?  Then you who are accustomed to doing evil can do good” (Jeremiah 13:23).  Let’s see, should I trust God or some unknown author named Asama?

On page 65 Asama argues that destroying all human life with an atomic bomb would be of no real consequence, since in “a few tens of millions of years beings with minds and consciousness will probably have developed on our planet again.”

Don’t you feel safe living amongst people who think like this?

impairing consciousness with . . . misinformation . . . is the greatest wrong” (p. 74, his emphasis).

Again, one must believe the author considers the Bible a source of “misinformation,” and thus “the greatest wrong.”

“Man is not an independent being with his ‘own’ strength and his ‘own’ thoughts and actions.  Whatever he may think or do consciously or unconsciously; all is behavior that occurs automatically within the energy-organism of the universe” (p. 78-9).

Translation: You are an automaton.  You cannot be held responsible for any of your thoughts or actions.

Lest you think I have mistranslated above, hear this from page 85:

“Even when a person . . . deliberately acts in an anti-evo way, he is innocent.  His regulating structures and environmental influences are responsible for his actions.  ‘Trapped in error,’ he will not have been able to think or act otherwise.”

Darwinian ethics allow for no individual accountability.  No one can be held responsible for anything, period.  We are all just doing what the mindless, impersonal time machine of evolution has programmed us to do – be it rape, theft, murder, torture, mutilation, sexual perversion, etc. 

One final quote from this book from hell:

“Man will cease dying of old age – this will no longer be necessary for human evolution” (p. 125).

Don’t hold your breath waiting for this day to come, dear people.  The only way death will no longer visit us sinful rebels under the curse of a holy God is when the King of kings returns and makes all things new (Rev 21-22).  Then, and only then, “there shall be no more death.”

But for those who have lived in rejection of God, His Christ and His gospel, there will be perpetual death and decay.  As the Greek philosopher Philo put it: “The punishment of the wicked is to live forever dying.”

The spirit of anti-Christ is alive and well, particularly in Darwinian evolution.  Renouce this godlessness, fight it at every level of the corrupt educational systems of our land, and look to Christ and live!

P.S.  You are sending your children off to college fully equipped for this fight, aren’t you?  And are you comfortable sending tens of thousands of your dollars to pay the salaries of professors who teach this satanic mess?

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