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Tonight’s episode of ABC’s “What Would You Do?” was eye opening and distrubing.  You should be able to view it here:

The episode featured an actress playing the part of a teen girl who was in a drug store and wanted to buy the so-called contraceptive Plan B.  This obviously implied she had had unprotected sex the night before, or perhaps that day.  The teen claimed to be embarrassed because the pharmacist behind the counter “knew her mom” and she was afraid he might tell her mom of the purchase.  So, the teen asked innocent by-standers, perfectly good strangers, to make the purchase for her.

Nearly every woman asked complied, with only a few exceptions.  When interviewed afterwards, the compliant women said things like “I wish someone would’ve done that for me when I was a teen, because I could have never told my mom.”  Or, “It’s not my place to judge her.”  Or, “It’s her decision.”  Or, “She needed help.” 

Oddly enough, none of the men she asked to make the purchase agreed to it.

This episode shows we have a long way to go in the pro-life movement in America.  For starters, this episode demonstrated:

  • A need for the truth concerning contraceptives.  Christian women have fallen for the same medical duping that their non-Christian counterparts have when it comes to pill and patch “contraceptives.”  We have been told they “prevent pregnancy.”  What we have not been told is that the medical industry defines “pregnancy” in terms of an implanted embryo.  But a woman’s egg is fertilized typically in the fallopian tubes, and then the newly conceived human baby travels down the pipe for a day or so and attaches to the lining of the uterus (implantation).  Now, if pill and patch contraceptives actually prevent conception (which they can do) that’s one thing.  But friends, there is a very real risk with these so-called contraceptives of aborting a conceived child that has not yet implanted.  Christians need to get educated and stop using these potential abortifacients.  For more information, see link below. 
  • A need for women to step up and consider what kind of “help” a potentially pregnant teen really needs.  Only one lady who bought Plan B for the actress posing as a teen advised her to go see a gynecologist to get some contraceptives.  That’s as good as the “counsel” got!  Nobody referred her to a local crisis pregnancy care center where she could receive THE TRUTH about sex, STDs, pregnancy, contraceptives, etc.  Saddest of all, nobody refferred the teen to her mother.
  • A great need to restore parents to their rightful, God-given roles as nurturers and protectors and care-takers and counselors to their OWN CHILDREN.  God help us all, from grandparents to youth ministers to nursery workers to pastors to fight tooth and nail in the power of Holy Spirit God to train parents in how to build intimate, potentially life-saving relationships with their children.  I cannot imagine a sadder thing than my daughter preferring to go to a youth minister or peer or total stranger for counsel on ANYTHING, rather than coming to her mother or me.

For the record, Plan B most definitely can cause abortions of a conceived-but-not-yet-implanted baby.  Read up on it and other potential abortifacients here: 

God help us Christian pro-lifers to start living pro-life, rather than just giving it lip service.  As for this pastor, any couples receiving pre-marital counseling from me will be strongly advised to embrace the “full quiver” view of Scripture when it comes to children (Psalm 127), and to not use pill or patch contraception.

This people honors Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me (Mark 7:6).

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