Sweet 16

Today I celebrate the goodness of God in granting me 16 years of marriage with Michele.  What an amazing gift of His love she has been to me through thick and thin.

Just as God in Christ loves us in spite of us, so she has often loved me in spite of me.

Her submission to my leadership/headship has humbled me.  Indeed she EXPECTS me to lead her and our daughters, and rightly so!  I cannot get off the hook with this gal, nor do I wish to.  I love being hooked by her.

The growth of Christlike love in Michele’s heart has wowed me over the years.  Christ is in her and over her and shining through her.  I cannot begin to praise the Lord Jesus enough for allowing this woman to be the mother of our two daughters. 

For those who know us, you know we homeschool and could not be dragged away from it by wild horses.  But, what makes us so “sold” on this educational method (aside from the obvious biblical commands), is that it allows the lady who is most qualified in all this world to teach womanhood and motherhood to my daughters to actually do it 24/7.  I have often said, if producing a brainiac mathematician or chemist was our goal in raising girls, then my wife and I would make very poor choices to be their teachers. 

But, if our goal is to raise girls to be daughters of King Jesus, who will love their husbands and children, be workers at home, so that the word of God is not dishonored (Titus 2), then I cannot think of a finer teacher than my bride.

We beg for God’s saving grace and sanctifying grace in our own lives and the lives of our children.  May the Spirit of holiness continue to invade and pervade our marriage to make us more like Jesus, together as one flesh, showing off His glorious love for His bride, the church.  All to the praise of His glory in the face of Jesus the Messiah!

Michele, I cannot wait for the next 16 years.  I simply cannot imagine how deep my love and admiration for you will be then.  May it only be superceded by my love and admiration for our King and Redeemer.

Happy and Holy Anniversary,


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