Nate, Nick and the Truth

Last week the nation was shocked and a bit amused to discover a boy that sunk a promotional hockey shot (he squeezed the puck through a 3 inch slit) was not the boy who actually was drawn for the chance.

The boy, Nick, who was drawn for the opportunity to make the shot and win 50 grand was outside, oblivious to the fact that he won this chance at “fame and fortune.”  So, in stepped his twin brother, Nate, sent to stand in for his twin Bro by his Dad.

And he did the impossible! 

But that night, one can only imagine the nagging nuisance in Dad’s gut.  That pesky conscience still haunts us, just as it was designed to do by our Creator (Rom 2:14-16).  The next morning, Dad and twin brothers were making the morning talk show scene, confessing their “crime” before the nation.

Most folks were incredibly stunned by this show of repentance and this commitment to integrity.  After all, is it really that big a deal?  Who cares which twin made the goal?  Take the cash and run!

Well, apparently the Dad cared.  He said he ‘fessed up to teach his sons that integrity and truth-telling are important in life.  Living life as a liar is no way to be, and he wanted to show his sons that when they do wrong, they should try to  make it right.

Let me just pause and say, “Bravo, Dad!  Bravo!”  God give us a few more Dads like this man.

Granted, the lesson seemed to be lost on the twins, because when asked by a morning talk show host, they said they would still do it the same way again if given the opportunity.  So, this Dad clearly has more work to do to infuse integrity into the lifeblood of his boys.  But, at least he is trying to set the example of confession and ownership of wrongdoing. 

You see, the fact is, this Dad is risking losing the prize money by simply telling the truth.  But, in the end, prize money is not worth anything if one dishonors God, violates the trust of his fellow-man, and loses his good name.  God has said through Solomon’s pen, “A good name is to be desired more than great riches.” 

God cares about integrity.  “Thou shalt not lie” is pretty clear, isn’t it? 

And therein lies our problem as humans.  We are all liars.  Even if we confess later and try to make things right, we are still liars to the core.  We tell lies and do dishonest deeds because our hearts (inner lives) are corrupted.   This is exactly what Jesus said in Mark 7:14-23.  We are, simply put, unable to “please God” because we cannot in and of ourselves keep His holy law (Rom 8:8). 

Who among us has not lied?  Used deception?  It is a lack of integrity that is ruining our country from the top down, dear friends!  Do not think for a second this is not a big deal.  We are a nation of liars!

Thank God, however, that there is One of whom it can truthfully be said, “No deceipt was found in His mouth” (1 Peter 2:22).  His Name is Jesus.  He came from heaven, took on human flesh, and lived among us.  He told no lies.  He never dishonored God.  Yet, He bore the wrath of God as if He were the worst liar the world has ever known (2 Cor 5:21).  Why?

So that Nate, Nick, and their Dad through a total trust in Him as Savior might be spared the wrath of God they so deserve and have earned.  And all who are “kindred spirits” with Nate and Nick and their Dad should also fall on the mercy of Christ, confess themselves unworthy sinners and cling to Jesus as the One and Only Savior and hope of salvation. 

No amount of trying to gain integrity will do.  Only those with “clean hands and pure hearts” can climb God’s holy mountain.  We need Jesus to stand in our place.  We need His clean hands and His pure heart credited to our account. 

For we hold that a man is justified (made right with God) by faith apart from works of the law” (Rom 3:28).   

That’s good news for all us liars!    

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