Daddies and Daughters

Fatherlessness is killing the very soul of our nation and churches. 

Several Christian bloggers and scholars have written on the impact of boys being raised without a Dad (either literally or by absenteeism).  The rise in gangs and gang violence has been shown to have a very direct link to fatherlessness.  A generation of violent, angry young men has been and will continue to take to the streets of America, wreaking havoc. 

But, what about girls?  Don’t they need Dads, too? 

Erin Pougnet’s research at Concordia University says so.  Recently her research for her Ph.D. was discussed at  Her study demonstrated the critical importance of Dads on things like a child’s IQ, behavior, and emotional stability. 

But, perhaps more importantly, Pougnet’s study manifested that a Dad’s absence negatively impacts girls more than boys.  The researcher said, “Girls whose fathers were absent during their middle childhood had significantly higher levels of emotional problems at school than girls whose fathers were present.” 

Now, given the horrific affects of absentee Dads on boys, the assertion that girls are even more affected is alarming.  Or, it should be!

Could this be one of the main causes of the drastic rise in angry, violent teen girls?  You have seen those sickening videos of girls beating one another, kicking and punching other girls while they are squirming on the ground in pain, often being coaxed on by dim-wit mothers, haven’t you?  Angry young men are not nearly as scary as angry young women, at least in my book.

As a pastor, I have personally seen young women growing up without Dads, or who have their Dads somehow removed from their lives.  Very often these girls act out in angry, self-inflicting ways.  Eating disorders.  Cutting.  Drug abuse.  Drinking.  Partying.  Sex and sexual perversions.  Fighting and bullying. 

And no doubt many of these girls lay their heads down on their pillows at night and cry themselves to sleep.  Lonely.  Desparate for the stability that only Dad can bring to a home and family.

Sadly, the research done by Pougnet and her associates will ultimately look to the government to enact new policies to encourage or support Dads in families.  But, oh, dear friends, don’t we realize that governmental programs and policies over the past 75 years are one of the prime suspects in the decline of fathers?! 

Uncle Sam is no savior.  Only Jesus saves!       

May lonely men, women, girls and boys be given grace to find in God a Father who delights in rescuing and redeeming the fatherless through the bloody cross-work of His Son.  Amen.

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