Am I the Source of His Discontent?

By Lori Beard

Sunday morning Pastor Keith preached a message that cut my heart in so many ways.  He preached about
obstacles to contentment or peaceful satisfaction in Christ.  One of those obstacles was a love of money
which is many times lived out in the form of workaholic lives.

What a sad story to hear children talk about their daddy’s work schedules because that is the best or only thing they know about daddy.  I understood Pastor’s drive and passion for men to hear the heart of God in this area but my mind was also
screaming. .  .don’t leave us ladies out!  We need to be checked too!  I was referring to wives.

Wives, are your husbands workaholics because of his discontent or because of yours?  A wife can be the determining factor many times in her husband’s work schedule.  Are you satisfied with an income that allows your husband to work 40 hours as opposed to 60?  It has become so easy to yell “there is not enough to go around,” but by whose standards?  A nagging wife who not only expects a certain income but demands it can be the very reason that God’s plan for family is not

We must start to be honest about our own desires versus our needs.  Do our husbands have the freedom pastor spoke
of on Sunday to say to their boss that God and family must come first?  Does that belief power their home or are our
husbands terrified to turn down overtime for fear of the reaction at home?  I believe as women we must ask God to search
our hearts (Psalm 139) and see if there be any love of money there, as well as praying that for our husbands.

Questions to consider. . .

1. Do we feel that the presence of our husband is necessary to the life of our home?

2.  Do we feel angry when he refuses overtime because he wants to be home?

3. Is there always a financial reason why your husband has to or wants to exceed normal working hours?

Search our hearts God and make them wholly thine.

In Christ….Lori Beard

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Leon Nichols - Amen and amen! As someone said, “God promises to meet our needs, not our greeds.”
Go on a mission trip outside of this country to get a clue about the difference between the two.

Our affluence has had the wrong influence on our homes and current generations. Let’s try keeping up with God and not the Joneses!

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