Back to School – What are Your Kids Learning?

BA2274-001A student is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher” (Jesus, as recorded in Luke 6:40).

Across the land, children young and old are climbing on buses and going back to schools, most of them public or state-run.  For those who know us, it is no secret we homeschool our daughters.  While we do not condemn Christian parents who choose to send their children to public schools, or other private settings, we also do not shy away from pointing out reasons why we insist on teaching our own children.  So, recently I snagged up a copy of a biology textbook from one of our public high school students at church.  The book is Biology: Life on Earth (7th Edition) by Teresa & Gerald Audesirk (Prentice Hall, 2005).  It did not take me long to be disappointed in what I read.

Beginning on page 8, the Science of Biology is defined, and placed within its larger context of the sciences.  Some principles that undergird science are given, the first of which is that the phenomenon or effects around us can all be traced to natural causes.  This is called the Principle of Natural Causality.

Seems harmless?  Not exactly.  This principle, you see, rules out God or miracles.  Period.  There is nothing outside the material world.  Period.  No power outside this universe can act upon it.  Everything is due to natural causes.  So, that cousin you know that had a cancerous tumor one day that was gone a few days later, defying doctors and all medical science – yep, that was not a miracle but just some unknown natural cause.  This principle is the way evolutionary scientists keep the door closed on even the idea that there might be a god of any kind anywhere.

The second principle listed on page 9 is that of Uniformity in Time.  This principle claims that the natural processes we see today have always acted exactly as they do today and will always act this way forever.  So, if carbon decays at a certain rate today, scientists assume (in other words they believe or have faith) that carbon also decayed at that exact same rate 4 billion years ago, or 6,000 years ago.  Yet, we all know that catastrophes (volcanos, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes) change these processes significantly.  Local natural disasters wreak havoc on natural processes like erosion, carbon decay, rock layering, and so on.  We can see this with our own eyes today, yet Darwinian scientists insist on clinging to this faulty principle of Uniformity.  (2 Peter 3 also refutes this principle, by the way).

Why?  Why do they defy what we actually see happening?  Because it’s the only way they can keep their precious timeline of billions of years intact.  And they must have billions of years in order to make their theory of evolution work.  So, they deny the Bible’s account of a global flood and catastrophe.  In so doing, they also deny the vast majority of the cultures of the world since they, too, have passed down global flood accounts from generation to generation.  The whole world, and the Bible, is wrong.  The lab-coated scientists at Harvard will tell us all what happened in the past, even billions of years ago.  I mean, after all, they were there, right?!?

On page 9, the students who attends our church pointed this statement out to me:  “Some people believe that each of the different types of organisms was individually created at one time in the past by the direct intervention of God, a philosophy called creationism.  Scientists freely admit that this idea cannot be disproved, but creationsim is contrary to both natural causality and uniformity in time.”

First, let’s note that this is a misrepresentation of creationsim.  We do not believe “each of the different types of organisms was individually created at one time.”  We believe what the Bible says, that God created the various “kinds” of creatures and built within them all the DNA code to reproduce an amazing array of offspring within their kind.

Also, notice the authors categorize belief in creation as just that – a “belief” or “philosophy.”  It is not science.  Scientists reject creationism.  Really?  Every single scientist rejects creationsim?  There is no scientific evidence for creation?  This is what is clearly implied in this textbook!  It is a LIE.  Nearly all of the very first scientists were creationists!

And the reason they claim scientists reject creationism?  Why the Principles of Natural Causality and Uniformity, which they of course assume (believe) are absolutely true for everyone everywhere at all times.

But the next sentence in the text really takes the cake: “The overwhelming success of science in explaining natural events through natural causes has led scientists to reject creationism.”

So, there you have it.  Science has triumphed and proven the Bible untrue!  All science’s explanations are trustworthy (nevermind they change constantly).  All their guesses trump any religious explanation (nevermind a growing number of scientists are creationists or are at least beginning to question the evolutionary assumptions).  More and more evidence is mounting against these two precious tenets (Natural Causality and Uniformity) of the Scientific Faith.

I wonder if children in public schools will be exposed to any of the top-notch scientific research being done by men and women with degrees from top universities who believe in Intelligent Design or (gulp!) biblical creation?  Will evidences for creation or a Designer be presented by our state-run schools?  Or, will children be led down the road of believing that no true science can ever acknowledge God for any reason, period.

Will your child be the one to rise up in class this year and ask that Biology teacher how life comes from non-life?  How genetic mutations actually add genetic material which is required for evolution to be true, even though that phenomenon has NEVER been observed anywhere by anyone?  How the salt and silt content in the oceans is what it is if uniformity has been at work for billions of years?  (The oceans would be nothing but salt and silt if these processes had been at work for millions of years).

Your children are being asked to accept and believe the RELIGION of SCIENCE.  It is blind faith they are being expected to have.  What will you do, Christian parent, to turn the course of education in America?  Will you continue to allow lies to be taught as if they are absolute truth?  Will you risk being ostracized and hated for the sake of Jesus and His truth?  This tide will never turn until Christian parents begin to take public stands armed with the truth of the both the Bible and good, solid science.

Parents beware!  Jesus said our children will become like their teachers. 

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Angela Allen - Very well said!! Thank you!

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