Hindsight Can Make Foresight Sweet

By Lori Beard

Today while folding laundry…massive joy swept through me….no keep reading….I was not just folding any laundry…I was folding my husband’s workshirts. He wears plain old white button down shirts and while folding them I was so thankful I could not stand it. I have been folding that man’s laundry for 28 years…what happened today? Hindsight happened. For most of those 28 years, I have folded his clothes grumbling and fussing because I wash…I fold and most of the time I put away…I am an expert grumbler in the area of laundry….until recently. At 48 years old and looking on the other side of my marriage…wondering how many more precious years I will get to enjoy with my husband…God has changed my heart. I have served my husband over these last years because I “had to” and completely missed the joy of ” I get to”. I have become so aware of how short time is…it is a vapor…every opportunity to love on Cliff..to serve him…to.honor him…to respect him…is so precious to me. Hindsight has made me sad in many ways…i cannot retrieve my grumbly attitude…I cannot respect where I disrespected…BUT I can thank God for changing my heart and creating in me a wisdom for loving my husband differently in the next 60 years :))). And i can share with my precious younger sisters in Christ…married and unmarried what hindsight has taught me. All seasons are but a short time…every opportunity to love your husband…to enjoy and serve him…is precious. It goes fast sisters. I pray that you live in freedom to love your husbands at young ages in such a way that your hindsight is sweet. Praise God for no condemnation and changes from glory to glory…

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