Waiting . . . I Hate It!

By Lori Beard

This week a couple of things have reminded me that waiting is truly against our sinful nature, but absolutely necessary in the big plan of salvation and sanctification. The Bible refers to waiting in several different places.

Psalm 40:1- David waited patiently for the Lord, and God turned to him and heard his cry.  That is amazing and full of hope. But one must look further to see where David cried from… the slimy pit of mud and mire. I am not sure how long David stayed in the pit waiting for God to move. But I am sure that the pit was not a comfortable place to be, it was not a pleasant place to be, it was not a convenient place to be.
I have hit some pits this week. I wrecked my daughter’s car (brand new car), I banged up my Becca in the process, and it appears that I may have broken my right hand (really Lori, could you have made the holidays any worse… half afraid to ask that,  because I am sure it could be worse, but I digress.) So this week I have patiently waited (you may need to take the word patient out to keep this honest, but I have waited) for those around me to do those things I cannot do myself. We have all waited for the insurance company to let us know about the car because it is holiday time and nobody is at work. We have all waited at this place or that place because we have been short a car. Waiting.
Isaiah 30:18- says that those who wait are blessed by God. Says that we will see God’s grace, compassion, and justice if we wait through the mud and the mire.  To be totally honest, I yearn for his grace, I yearn for his compassion, and I yearn for his justice. BUT I HATE WAITING. If I could acquire the gifts of God… grace, compassion, wisdom, mercy, etc. Without the mud and the mire I would do a joy dance. However, it simply does not work that way.
1 Peter 4: 12-19- makes it very clear that mud and mire/suffering is a part of God’s perfect plan. It tells us to not be surprised at the mud and to rejoice in the mire.
Romans 5:3- tells us why we should rejoice.  Those characteristics of God that we yearn for so desperately; those traits that we need in our life daily to survive  all happen because of suffering/waiting.  The pit… the pit is necessary. Suffering produces perseverance, perseverance character, and character hope. AND HOPE DOES NOT DISAPPOINT US.
If this is true, and I believe it must be, it is contained in the Bible, then praise God for the pit, the mud, and the mire. Praise God for things that don’t always go my way. Praise God for hurt that doesn’t always heal quickly. Praise God for broken things that don’t always get fixed in my timing. And praise God for wisdom that is higher than mine. I do not choose to wait … God in his wisdom required that of me.  But, I can choose how to wait. I can worship…I can serve…I can learn and grow. Waiting…
Bring it on God…and help me to do it with grace by your grace. (This blog was typed by my Becca as I wait for my right hand to heal).
1. When in the middle of the mud and mire…do you find yourself crying out to God and waiting on his deliverance or fixing it yourself?
2. Or do you find yourself whining and asking why me instead of rejoicing?
Practical application…Teaching your children to wait:  This morning I was mopping and Eli who is two asked for a drink.  I told him to wait and I would get it in a little bit.  He immediately asked Aunt Becca to get him a drink. I said, “No way buddy, you are learning to wait.”  We waited eagerly for his drink. Do not wait to teach waiting to teenagers.  Teach it while your children are small young parents.  And do not forget to rejoice with them as they wait.
In Christ your sister,
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