Time Wasted

By Lori Beard

One of my greatest excuses for not praying more for my husband, for my kids, my church, my pastor is time.  I don’t have the time.  I am doing all I can in a day.  I am covered up already.  Really!  Really?  I challenge you to challenge that thinking.  Keep a journal of a couple of different things for the next two weeks.  Journal your Facebook time, phone time talking and texting, and TV time.  It may shock you to realize how much time we waste in a day.  Spend just one fourth of that time praying. Pray about the things you are facebooking and texting.  Pray about the news you see on the TV.  Pray and talk to God about your husband instead of that person on the other end of the phone.  Pray pray pray…it is so life changing.  How do I know?
My journal for three days…
TV…13 hours
Facebook….4 hours
Lots of prayer time … Praying God give me a desire to talk with him every chance I get. Thankful for grace that changes me.
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