Stamping My Feet at God

By Lori Beard

In the last five years I have been battling with the sin of gluttony.  I have struggled with “eating sin” ever since I was small.  I have used food for every single reason . . . sadness, gladness, despair, confusion, celebration.  Really, if there was no reason I have just worked really hard till I found one.  I mean, really, if I had concentrated on Jesus as much as I have justifying gluttony in my life I might actually have already gone to heaven in a chariot.  But, alas, no fear there.  Why do we do that?  Why do we proclaim victory from our sins in Jesus and then get up and walk in the exact same ones again, day after day?  Really, how many times Lori are you going to run under the bus and cry because it hurts you?
Well, praise God for grace . . . grace that says in Hebrews 12 God disciplines those he loves.  He never lets go.  He will not leave me nor forsake me in this rotten stinking sin pit.  He will continue to lift me out of this deep mirey clay that I insist on sticking my feet in over and over.  The truth is that I am dead to gluttony because Jesus died for my sin of gluttony.  I am free from gluttony because Jesus bore my chains for gluttony.  So, get away from me chocolate that I believe I must have weekly, and extra portions that rob my joy and my testimony.  I am free from you1!  Free to dance without juggling parts . . . free to walk without puffing and panting . . . free to play on the floor without creaking and breaking when I get up . . . FREE!  FREE!  FREE!  FREE!
I have stamped my feet at God, begged him to understand my position, see it from my point of view, and came to the same answer – no perspective matters but the one I see from my knees as I look up at an old rugged cross.  So, pray for me family.  Do not forget me.  Be God with skin on to a sister who yearns to honor God.  And tell me how to pray for you.  Where are you stamping your feet against God?  Where are you demanding He accept your sin?  Where are you fighting and weak and weary?  Stop stamping against him and lay it down dear family.  Praise God for sure victory.
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