Teetering is Never Good

By Lori Beard

We have a Wii and we have a program called Wii fit. It is an exercise dealie . . . how in the world exercise could ever be thought of as fun is beyond me, but, anyway, one of the goals of this program is to create good posture and balance.  Anyone who knows me knows that balance and me are, well, not well acquainted.  I am the reason weebles wobble and do fall down.  So, it is a hoot for my family to watch me “balance” on the Wii.  There is one game in particular called soccer head.  In soccer head you are supposed to stand on the Wii board and move your upper body to hit the soccer balls with your head.  Now, this is a hard enough challenge but you also have to miss the stinking panda bears and dirty tennis shoes they throw at you.  Well, I have consistently scored under 10.  I see one coming to the left and jerk all the way left to get it, then to the right and jerk all the way to get it and then they throw one through the middle.  I inevitably cannot get my body back to the middle.  I cannot get it to stop swinging from one side to the other.  The ones in the middle always get away, and the pandas and tennis shoes on the outside always kill me.  No balance whatsoever!
This is so parallel to my spiritual life. Ecclesiastics 7:18 says the man who fears God will avoid all extremes.  Why?  Because bouncing back and forth from one side to the other takes energy, time, effort.  It causes discouragement, carelessness, wrong decisions and defeat.  When I bounce from side to side on the Wii, getting smacked in the face by pandas and tennis shoes, I finally just quit.  I say forget it!  I will never get it!  This is exactly what happens in our spiritual lives when we bounce from this to that because we are not grounded in Jesus alone.  For example, body fitness.  The two extremes are obese and sick compared to anorexic and sick…or not caring about it compared to obsessed with it.  How do you find the middle?  There is one sure way to come to the middle and stay there in every single decision and lifestyle we face: Ask this question – Am I bringing glory to God? Then pray this prayer: GOD make my life all about your glory.  Center my passion., my drive, my reason for being in You.  Help me to live, extremely, only for You.  How would this prayer and this thinking change your life?  Well, I am quite sure balance is not in my near future with Wii, but by God’s grace it is in my spiritual life.  I am so thankful for His balance.  I yearn for my passion to be all about my precious, worthy King.  He is worthy of my time, my energy, my effort, my praise, my life.
He is my balance.
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