universeThe July / August issue of Popular Mechanics magazine has an article titled “The Case for Alien Life.”  It chronicles the billions of dollars spent by our government scientists and others in search of life on other planets.  Meanwhile on the 3rd Rock from the Sun 20,000 children starved to death today and America and China aggressively supported the termination of the lives of many thousands of unborn children.

Does anyone see a problem here?  And we wonder why our economy is tanking!

While the article claims scientists are more confident than ever that they will one day find another planet like Earth, or some form of life on another planet, the infographic at the very beginning of the article says it all:

  • 100 billion planets total
  • 50 billion small planets
  • 17 billion earth-size planets
  • 11 billion earth-size planets in stars’ habitable zones
  • 1 planet with confirmed life

I’ve got a newsflash for all these Darwinian scientists who are just licking their chops in hopes of finding a living organism somewhere out there so that they can scream, “See we told you life can spontaneously erupt!”  Even if they ever do find a living thing somewhere in outer space, it will not ever “prove” what they will claim for such a find.  

Rather, it will only prove that the Infinite Creator God who has unlimited power and endless space to work with does indeed continue to make things for His eternal glory!  

“The heavens declare the glory of God” (Psalm 19:1).

“God . . . who gives life to the dead and calls into existence the things that do not exist” (Romans 4:17).

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