Humans – Just Sexual Animals?

monogamyThis morning I perked up when I heard the anchors on the CBS Morning Show say the upcoming segment would feature “scientific” studies revealing whether monogamy is natural or not.

I immediately began to tell my wife this should be interesting, since I could all but guarantee that whomever they had on the show as their “expert” in this field was sure to have a Darwinian  / evolutionary worldview.  In other words, the expert would assume we were just highly evolved animals, and that worldview would then color his research and interpretations of any findings.

I was so right.  

Wish I was wrong, but Dr. Stephen Snyder, a Sex Therapist, launched into the most unintelligible explanation for why monogamy is not natural that I have ever heard.  He stated that we all know that humans come from a certain type of chimp, to which all the CBS anchors just acquiesced without so much as a hint of dissent.  Why of course we all KNOW that.  And that certain type of chimp, our ancestors, some 4 million years ago just up and decided to give monogamy a try to defend children from cannibalism.  At least I think that was his argument?!  It’s convoluted, as you’ll see if you watch the 3 minute segment Here.

Nobody asked simple questions like:

  • Dr. Snyder, how do you know what happened 4 million years ago?  Were you there?
  • Dr. Snyder, what hard, undisputed evidence do we have that humans came from chimps?
  • Dr. Snyder, how do you know what chimps “decided” to do 4 million years ago?  How could this possibly be ascertained from some bones buried in dirt?

To be fair, one of the CBS anchors did challenge the notion of studying animals to gain insight into human behavior.  But the challenge was dismissed and not even discussed by the good “Dr.”  And of course the conclusion was that monogamy is not natural.  To that I say, “Of course it’s not natural!  Our sinful, fallen nature will never want to obey God’s design and law.”

The point is not what is “natural,” however we define that term.  The point is what people ought to do.  What is best for us?  And friends, only our Creator could possibly know those answers with 100% accuracy.  How sad that no mention was made at all in this segment of the numerous studies done over the decades showing that monogamy between a man and women is actually what is best for the human race (Focus on the Family is a good source of these studies).

School’s back in parents.  Do you know what your child is being taught?  Are you reading their textbooks?  Watch this segment and realize this so-called expert makes statements as if they are facts, when almost nothing he says actually has any scientific evidence behind it.  The state of education in America has never been worse.  This guy has been in our educational systems for 20+ years, and has obviously not learned anything about basic human logic, reasoning, and following the evidence where it leads.  All he has learned is to assume evolution is true and use that to inform everything else he does and thinks in life.  Makes me so sad.  God help us.

Should we be surprised that teens and adults in our culture are behaving like animals?  After all, they are just doing what comes “naturally.”  Who will tell them that what we most need is a new nature that comes only by God’s grace through faith in the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus?  Who will tell them?

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