Where did it go?

By Lori Beard

Time is a funny thing. It moves all the time. It moves quietly so you’re not even aware of it leaving. Life happens and things are busy and it just keeps moving while its busy. Today my daughter, my youngest daughter Rebecca, got engaged. What a joyful lovely day for Becca and all those who love her!  And while I sit here on my couch (that my precious beautiful friends bought me) I think about all the time I’ve had to love Becca. I can see her so clearly down through the years. I see her running around with a basketball in her shirt because she thought it was funny. I see her hiding from her sisters behind the tree while she was yelling I’m here I’m here. I see her crying because she lost Jewel Parkhill whom she loved so dearly …..asking all kinds of questions about God and death and why. I see her face lit up when daddy comes in the door… so excited to see him. I see her wrestling with her sisters in the living room floor laughing hysterically because she could finally take them.  But the thing I’m thinking most right now is the ending of this season. Did I treasure it enough? Did I love it? Sometimes when our kids are little we think things like ….its always going to be this way …what good am i doing?  It’s because we can’t see the long-term picture. It’s because we get caught up in the small everyday things and we forget we are raising adults who someday will leave. I thank God today that I treasured every minute. I think God that  even the hard days were treasures to me and her dad. While I sit and remember I pray this… I pray that I will love this new season. I pray that I will love this new joy. I pray that I will only mourn for a short time and then I will rejoice in what God is doing with her.. to her.. through her …and for her. Seasons come and go. Time does not stop. You can choose how to spend your time. You can choose how to enjoy your seasons. You can gripe about the snow… you can gripe about the cold.. you can gripe about the heat…but you cannot change the seasons of your life. They will pass and they cannot be retrieved. I beg you live them with screaming joy….live them with passion…live them unto the glory of God who made them. Live them with tears and laughter. Live them in real genuine truth. Live them so that you wont regret when they are gone.

Praise God for our seasons.  Thank God that He controls time.

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