By Lori Beard

I hear it when I go to Wal-mart….when I stand in line at subway…when I do business at the bank….everywhere I go…
I hear people struggling with waiting. Babies screaming because they want food…sleep…water. Adults impatient because their sandwich is not ready fast enough or not perfect enough. Teenagers fussing because the line isn’t moving fast enough to suit them. Waiting…it makes us act all kinds of sinful, ugly ways. Is it any wonder then that it is such a powerful, sanctifying tool in the hands of a mighty redeemer. During my lifetime, I have spent so much time waiting for direction….joy….goodness….
Knowledge….guidance…waiting for things to work out…waiting for things to change …waiting for God to move his hand on my behalf…waiting for decisions that I am not sure about…waiting. Sometimes I wait with grace and wisdom..trusting God to do what is right and good. Sometimes I wait miserably and in complete failure as I cry and whine and scream against God and his command to wait. I have figured one absolute out about waiting…it is not optional. It will happen in the life of a christian and a non-christian. There is no control or choice in the matter. Our only choice is how will we wait. Will those of us who call ourselves christian bring glory and honor to God in how we wait or will we struggle with lack of trust in the sovreign power of God…with discontentment in the season…with anger at Gods timing.  How will we wait. Many times during my life , I have waited as unto the glory of God and many times I have waited in abject failure. I have found that waiting has yielded a harvest of growth and change in me that is truly amazing.  I yearn to grow in Jesus but I do not yearn to wait. Could it be that one is absolutely essential to the other? Could it be that waiting really is good for my soul?  Could it be that in my waiting..I am being blessed by a God who knows what it will take to draw me close to him? If so…then I yearn to  wait….because I am waiting for eternal things…things that are not fleeting.  Things that do not waste away….I am waiting for a touch of the Savior that leads to eternal righteousness…joy…faithfulness…
So yes..I will wait in walmart lines..and in subway lines..and for joy after great sorrow. ..and for brokeness to be fixed. I will wait as my children suffer and hurt…I will wait on God to fix a broken marriage..
Teach me Lord…teach me Lord to wait.
Psalm 27:14…Psalm 130:5…Isa. 30:18…Isa 40: 28-31.
Next blog…how to wait in honor to God.
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