Real or Not . . . What My Fake Curls Teach Me

By Lori Beard

People want to touch it…they run their fingers through it…they laugh when it springs back. Goodness… my hair has been a real source of wonder for those around me since I curled it….the only thing is…the curl is fake.  It is the result of a very costly well done perm.  It acts like a regular head of curl would act but there are distinct differences that set it apart.

Now. ..there is a head of curly hair I know that is real…Ruthie Hullette.  Her hair is formed in the most beautiful, tight springy curls. They lay around her face perfectly and scream “run your fingers through me and watch me recurl.”

Now…to those differences…Ruthie gets up in the morning to curly hair that is lovely and ready for the day.  I get up and my family passes out with laughter because my “curls” are flat or standing straight up and out. Ruthie does not have to doctor her curls to make them beautiful…I have to use this jelly stuff that causes me to stick to everything and then a spray that makes my hair stiff enough to knock out Mike Tyson.  But when I leave my house it appears I have “curly” hair.

Isn’t this how we live as Christians sometimes?  We dress up our temper…our attitudes…our lies…our worry…we put on enough christian gook to look really good and away we go.  We act like christians…we talk like christians…we lift our hands…we raise our voices. ..then we go home…wash all our christian away and live who we truly are.  No matter what I do I cannot fool my family…I do not have naturally curly hair.  They see it at its worst.

It is the same with God. PSALM 139 says no matter what you do or where you go you cannot outrun Him.  He knows the truth about you.  He knows who you are when your door closes.  He can make you real.  Do you yearn to be real or just appear perfect?  If real…take off your fake gunk and beg Jesus to make you genuine.  My fake curls are pretty but they do not last.  To keep them I have to redo my perm about every six months.  Ruthie never has to go back for curls.  Hers are the real thing.

Same way with your heart…fake has to keep lying. .keep patching holes.  It doesn’t last.  Real is eternal…lasts forever….DEAR GOD MAKE ME REAL…

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