Women and Their Homes

By Lori Beard

Proverbs 14:1…a wise woman builds her home but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.

I read this today again. I have read it so many times I can’t even count. But today I read it. I heard it in my spirit. I understood it in practical ways. So I am going to share it in practical ways.

A wise woman builds her home . . .

Well I do not think of myself as wise but I do know that I have done some things to make my home work well. I am a hard worker. I try to keep my house ready for hospitality. This does not mean it’s always sparkling but it is in the kind of shape that people could come and visit pretty much anytime. I also don’t panic if it is not perfect because people matter more.

I build by praising my husband. I remind him how much I love him and how blessed the girls and I are to have him. Then I foolishly tear it down by fussing at him and nagging him. I gripe when things don’t go the way I want. I say things that don’t edify him. My house ends up in screaming shambles around me.

I build by praying for God to love my husband through me, for God to grow and change him, to lead and guide him. Then I tear it down by demanding he change on my time schedule and exactly how I think he should.

I build my house by teaching my girls about Jesus, by modeling how a wife should treat her husband and serve others, should consider others more important. Then I tear it down by griping because I had to do such and such and I was already too busy or too tired. I tear it down by grumbling about opportunities to serve.

I build my house by being truthful so others can trust me. I tell the truth and pay my bills so that my husband is thought of favorably. I tear it down by being late on payments sometimes, exaggerating, causing myself to seem untrustworthy.

I build my house wisely many days but still after 29 years tear it down foolishly too.

My prayer . . . Dear God, help me to build my house to honor You. Help me to honor my husband. Change my heart and make me yearn to make my home a praise to You. Forgive me for my tear down days. Make them less and less. Thank You for grace that forgives me and changes me. Amen.

How do you build? How do you tear down? Are you wise or foolish?

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