Who’s in Charge Here Anyway?

By Lori Beard

I am seeing a trend  that is surprising to me from God’s view but not at all from the world’s view.  The surprising thing about this trend is that it is as prevalent in the church as out.  But wait, wait, we are to be in the world not of it.  Ummm…epic fail in this area.
I am talking about self rule.  I am seeing Christians buck and scream (literally) at the rule of Christ.  Even though Hebrews declares him sovereign ruler over all his creation and the book of John does the same, we are still horrified when he tells us what to do, how to do it, when to do it.
Good grief!  Christian parents would never abide that “mouthy, challenging, I am the boss” attitude.  But those same adults expect God to abide it.  I do the same.  I am floating in the same boat with the rest of you little rulers.
About now here is the thinking of the self-righteous: “Well I have never told Jesus no.  When he speaks to me, I hop!”
We are checking off our little do good checklist that keeps us feeling like we have no need of correction and instruction. Well, think about this a minute.  How did you take the last biblical instruction you received from your spouse?  Your pastor?  A biblical counselor?  Your accountability friend?  A dear sister who loves you?
I see Christians bristling every day, using phrases like “How dare you stick your nose in my business” or “You have no right to judge me” or “I make my own decisions” or “Only God tells me what to do.”
Oh come on, if we are going to say such stupid things, let’s not use the name of God to do so.  He has spoken.  What are you waiting on, a big deep oral voice from heaven?  Maybe a flash of lightning?  Maybe a real hit on the head?  Goodness!  Could we be that desperate  to retain our rulership that we wouldn’t trust what he has already written?
1 Pet. 5:2 tells shepherds to oversee the flock and to care for them.  In Exodus God tells Moses to go shepherd and He (God) will give him the words he needs to speak.  1 Cor. 2:12 promises that Christians have received the Holy Spirit and can understand the things of God (this includes your Christian pastors).
Why, oh why, is instruction so painful to us?  Why do we run, hide, scream, excuse, and leave our churches, our families?  Could it be that we are truly horribly sad rulers of the little kingdom called “ourselves”?  Could it be that inside that family where we laugh together…cry together…learn together…pray together. ..BEND OUR KNEES TO JESUS TOGETHER… could it be that there is no safer place on earth?
Isn’t that the message we send to our kids when we correct them – “It’s for your good, the good of your soul.”  Children of God, His correction is good.  It’s good for your soul.  Stop being afraid and ashamed and angry.  Just be humble.
God help me.  I beg You to help me humble myself under your hand as you heal me through your loving life changing correction.  Amen.
NOTE FROM PASTOR KEITH: Paul Tripp’s book A Quest for More will take you much deeper into such matters.  Read it!
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