Of Dinosaurs, Millions of Years and the Loss of Biblical Faith

Dinosaurs Bone ExcavationThe October issue of The American Family Association Journal has two interesting blurbs.  Though they are on separate pages and treated separately in the journal, they are quite connected.

The first blurb tells of Christian music artists Michael and Lisa Gungor.  I’m not familiar with them, but apparently they have recently come out denouncing the Bible’s doctrines of creation, Noah’s flood, and the actual existence of Adam and Eve.  No surprise that they are under the influence of a so-called pastor named Rob Bell.

The second blurb asks what happens to a scientist and professor at Cal State University if he calls into the question the “accepted” geologic epochs related to the age of the earth and dinosaurs.  Answer:

He gets fired.

Mark Armitage was fired by Cal State.  Why?  Because he dared to write a paper about recent soft tissues discovered in triceratops fossils.  Those soft tissues would have “decayed into nothingness” he said, if that creature really lived 65 million years ago.  Soft tissues such as blood, skin, tendons and so on can only last a max of perhaps 10,000 years.  This is just good, solid, observational science!  And it gets you fired at Cal State U.

Other soft tissues have been discovered in dinosaur fossils, too.  Some bones found recently in Canada had skin on them and these bones were considered to be 60 million years old by secular scientists!  Read up on this and more at AnswersInGenesis.org

Why can a Christian who is a professor of science say he is a Christian and believes in creation or intelligent design not get fired, but the moment he expresses doubt over the millions and billions of years paradigm he is axed?  Simple.  Because the theory of Darwinian evolution absolutely depends on massive, incomprehensible amounts of time.  It’s their explanation for every gap and hole in the theory.  Why don’t we see tons of transitional fossils, you know, in-between creatures?  Oh that’s due to it taking billions of years and those fossils just haven’t survived those long epochs.  Give time and chance long enough, and these two apparently personal forces can do anything?  Nothing shall be impossible for time and chance.  (This is also why secular scientists hate any belief in a global flood.  They realize that would blow all their geologic assumptions and clocks out of the water.  And then, there’s that whole God judges sin thingy too.)

Friends, give up the Bible’s teaching on creation and often everything else in the Bible goes with it.  If Genesis 1 cannot be trusted, then why would we trust Genesis 2 and 3?  The Gungor’s also do not believe in gender being a divinely assigned entity.  Do you see the domino effect here?

But if we did not have literal human ancestors created by God in the image of God, who really did rebel against God and fall into corruption as sinners, then why did Jesus come?  Would God send His Holy Son, Jesus, to die for the instinctual behaviors of highly evolved animals?  

Friends, the gospel is at stake from the very first chapters of the Bible.  May we not forget it.  May we not allow our children to be duped, either, by educators and really smart and well-meaning professors or Hollywood actors.  

“In the beginning . . . God.”  

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