Unity . . . A Two-Sided Coin

By Lori Beard

So, it is late…my typing stinks at all hours of the day…and I am blurry visioned. So, why you writing this then Lori…( I heard you ask me that.) Well, I have has this on my mind since Pastor Keith preached today. So, you can blame your pastor for this late night blog. (Great big hehe there).
Now, here is my thinkin. Luke 23:12 talks of a very unholy alliance..a unity that went beyond jealousy, envy, power struggles, race differences, common hatred. It talks about a unity of two, based solely on their mutual cowardice..their mutual small characters. .their mutual disregard for Jesus.
Luke 23:12 says these men, (Pilate and Herod) who had been enemies before this day, were now fast, united friends. Really…really…are you kiddin me? Two men who hated each other…jealous, envious, and after their own glory, united as one…how did that happen? Well, it is simple really. Misery loves company. These two men were called upon to do the right thing..be men of honor. ..men who could have and should have saved an innocent man’s life on that ordained day. They could have taken the hard road and chosen Jesus…but they were cowards and gave him over to die. This immediately bound them together. This stand against Jesus…this stand against right..this stand against holiness bound them together like stink on a dog (ummm..cliff says something like that but he is asleep so…that is the best I got). Anyway, that led me to thinking. Do we do that? Why, yes we do. How many times in our sin do we turn from the people in community who are loving us enough to warn us about our sin..loving us enough to hold us accountable for our sin…and who do we turn to? Well, usually to someone who believes the way we do. We turn to those who “get us.” We turn to those who “know what it is like.” We turn to those who don’t make us feel bad like, well, those holier than thou people. I have seen this in people who have left the church under discipline. They group up like minions in the “I hate CBC army” and talk about their woes and all that is wrong with that place. Boy, I would love to camp out at Herod…Pilate… and All the people under discipline’s doorstep ..but the hard truth is I am guilty if this too. I hate the truth about my sin. I want other women to affirm me in it, so often, when I am confronted, I just go find new best friends. Friends who know how to walk on eggshells without cracking them…friends who understand that if you say anything I do not agree with (who cares if its in the Bible) well, I won’t play with you anymore. God forgive me for that. Today, I was sick because I could identify so well with these two scoundrels. Oh my word Lori…grow up in Jesus. Just because the natural is that misery loves company of like minds does not mean I have to go along. I can beg God to transform me and help me not conform to flesh. How about you? Are you united to another for the purpose of the glory of God? Are you united to those consumed by him and aching for his holiness? Or…are you uniting yourself with those whose sin makes your sin ok? Are you united with those who have chosen something over Jesus, just like you? Are you seeking out relationships that point you to Jesus or relationships that point out how right and good you are?

Unity…whose side you on?

God make my unity about you. I beg you to help me seek out people whose love for you points out my sin with grace and truth. Amen.

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