Ancient Tennessee Speaks of God’s Glory

I graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1995 with a Major in Human & Organizational Development.  I almost minored in Geology.  I really enjoyed studying the earth, and at that time bought into the geologic epochs, millions of years, and so on.

I’m ashamed now.

Ashamed that my alma mater has in recent years kicked Christian organizations off campus because they refused to allow atheists to hold leadership positions in their clubs!  But also ashamed that I was so naive as to not think biblically about geology and the earth’s age.

The recent edition of Vanderbilt Magazine that arrived in the mail had a one page graphic depiction of some ancient sea life.  The caption at the top of the page says, “How to Explore the Pre-Historic Past.”  And the subtitle is: “Travel back 450 million years to Middle Tennessee’s beginnings.”

Huh?  Pre-history?  How can there be such a thing?  How do we explore non-history?  

At any rate, what I found fascinating was how the Geology Professor Molly Miller (I studied under her husband at VU) explained that hundreds of millions of years ago, Tennessee was part of the ocean floor!  The clay soil is a vestige.  The calcium carbonate in the Tennessee rocks came from shells and skeletons of ancient marine organisms.

Well, finally I agree with a secular scientist!  Tennessee was indeed under the ocean at a point in history.  Noah’s flood.

Professor Miller says, “It’s strange to think of all those animals giving their lives to form our rocks.”

For her, the fossils in Tennessee serve no greater purpose than to form rocks.  But they should serve to remind us all of the wrath of a Holy God against sin.  God judges sin.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask those dead animals that were buried in rock layers as the waters of the Great Flood covered the entire earth.  If they could speak, they would declare the glory of God as Holy Judge.  They would warn you to flee from the wrath to come!

God judged the world once before.  He’s going to do it again one day through His Son Jesus.

Professor Miller, the Lord Jesus left the splendor of heaven and became a man, living a perfect life of righteousness, pleasing God the Father, and He died on a cross in place of sinners who are not righteous and pleasing to God.  He rose again leaving a forever empty tomb in His wake.  He gave up His life to become the Eternal Rock of refuge to all who would cry out to Him for mercy and forgiveness of sins.  

And one day, those Middle Tennessee rocks will cry out to Him, “Glory to the Lamb” (Revelation 5:13).  Don’t let those rocks beat you to the punch!  Worship Jesus now and bow down to Him as the Lord of Love and Life.  If you do not, you will go the way of those ancient organisms.  You will be buried in the sea of God’s wrath.  I urge you, take God at His Word.  Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved.

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