What Wives Wish Someone Would Ask Their Husbands

A wise Christian lady in the church I serve was recently sharing with me how much God had used genuine biblical accountability to grow her husband in godliness.  It was a very encouraging message for this pastor to receive.  I’ve been and will continue to try to convince the men of our church, every man in our church, to join what we call Disciple-Making Disciple Groups (or DMDs).  These are gender-specific groups where 2-3 men or 2-3 women gather together to:

  1. Read and discuss the Bible together.
  2. Pray together.
  3. Practice Christian accountability.

Simple.  Biblical.  And oh so spiritually beneficial.  Some of our men have been doing this for a year or so now.  But the vast majority of our men still are not in DMDs.  Our women, on the other hand, have taken to these DMDs like ducks to water!  But I still believe God is at work in men’s hearts, and in His time He will move more and more of them to step out in faith to begin doing real brotherhood together.

So, if you’re a man reading this, take a look at what this Christian wife said she wished other men would be asking her husband on a consistent basis:

  • Would your wife refer to you as a man of integrity?
  • Would your children call you fair?
  • Would other men depend on you in an emergency?
  • Would your electric company prove a solid payment history that was timely?
  • Does your wife feel supported?
  • Who in your life calls you friend?
  • Would your children be thankful for you to be home with them?
  • Would your wife remarry you knowing you as well as she does today?
Pretty convicting stuff, huh?  Pretty important stuff too!
Men, please prayerfully consider how God would have you be “iron sharpening iron.”  And please prayerfully consider how God would sharpen you into a sword that slays the darkest enemies of your souls – Satan and sin.
We need one another.  Sanctification is a community project.   
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