Lessons from Last Year

2015As a new year begins I am mindful that I learned many things in 2014… some of them were painful and some of them were joyful and some of them were embarrassing and some of them were helpful. I learned a bunch of stuff last year. I am glad for most of it and some of it I wish I never knew. But I guess everything in my life comes from a sovereign God and is for my good so I must have needed it all. So here are some of my lessons…

Pinterest ideas do not always turn out well so you should not bank on them for gifts… well,  until you know if they work.

Exercise does not happen unless you actually move.

It is better to wait on pepto bismol until you know if puking really is the best option. Otherwise the nausea without the puking can really last much longer and be very painful.

Gluttony still hurts my soul more than my body.

Not everybody defines family the same as me and that can end up hurting my family very badly.

Sons are way different than daughters except that they love to be loved. 

The Bible will change me…if I will read it.

Prayer is a weapon that I do not use enough.

Persecution of the saints is real and I have never suffered it.

Not all churches are gospel centered and most who are not,  don’t even know it.

Pride is a relationship destroyer.

God is a relationship builder.

I learned these because I lived them. I failed miserably this year in so many ways. I gossiped about a son and had to beg forgiveness.  I hurt extended God family and had to rebuild relationship.  I stayed sick 3 days instead of 2 because I did not want to puke. I lived…sometimes in great victory and sometimes in abject failure but I lived to God’s glory in both. And here is why…He never changed in 2014. His blood covered my victories and my failures. He made me right years ago and I can never be made wrong in Him again. He stayed faithful. So…I pray for my Bible and prayer time to increase. I pray to love others better and with integrity. I pray to be a good momma. And at the end of this old year and the beginning of this new year…I thank God for grace that enables me to do those things and forgives me when I epic fail.

Happy New Year sweet sweet family.

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