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What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?

Men, it is time to dig deeper into what it means to step up and live a courageous life as we gather together for the Stepping Up Video Series. Based on his book by the same title, Dennis Rainey, along with Matt Chandler, Voddie Baucham, James MacDonald, Joshua Harris and other ministry leaders unpack what biblical manhood looks like and what it means to be a godly, courageous man in today’s world. Through engaging stories, expert teaching, humorous vignettes, man-on-the-street interviews, and personal insights, these men’s ministry leaders call every man to become courageous leaders in their own lives, marriages, churches, and communities. Accompanied by small-group discussion and individual follow-up exercises, men of every age will learn action tools for gospel-centered living to empower them to be true heroes in their families and communities.

We will meet every other weekend beginning Sat Feb 28 and Sun Mar 1, with Sat sessions at 9 am and Sunday sessions at 4 pm.  Men can choose which day/time works best for them. Each session is designed to take about one hour to complete. Video sessions average 25 to 30 minutes and small-group discussion times average around 30 minutes. We will close our sessions with a few minutes to pray for one another. Men, we’re going to have fun and be challenged and do some growing in Christ together!  The workbook is recommended, buy it Here.

 Below is a quick introduction and preview to the video series study.

In our journey through manhood, we must step up and be courageous again and again. Every man must: Be intentional, Rely on God & Count on other men.

I have to be intentional. There’s just too much turbulence out there to rely on autopilot. I can’t afford to drift from one day to the next, one decision to the next, one assignment to the next, and expect to be successful. I will fail, or at the very least under-deliver—as a husband, dad, and friend—if I’m always in reactive mode. If my life is to have a purpose, then I must live it purposefully.

I must rely on God. Though second, this is the most important truth. I must never treat God as an add-on. With Him at the center, at the core, I have constant access to His grace, mercy, help, and wisdom. Without Him, I have nothing and I am nothing.

I need other men. This is really an extension of relying on God. I need the encouragement, training, and even the correction that God sends my way through other men. This is the great truth of Proverbs 27:17, “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” Other men sharpen me; they make me a better man.

The Stepping Up video series feature renowned ministry leaders that will challenge you to dig deep into what it means to be a godly, courageous man. Join with us!


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