Be Fruitless and Subtract?



The very first command God gave humanity was, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth” (Gen 1:28).  This command is the reason I believe the Fall of Adam and Eve into sin in Genesis 3 happened very quickly after they were created.  Maybe no more than a day or two.  For surely in their state of Purity, they would have delighted in obeying God’s first command!  But no children are mentioned until after the Fall.

But I digress.

I write this blog as a Dad of two amazing daughters.  My wife is the best mother I have ever known.  We’re thrilled to be parents and have found it deeply sanctifying and satisfying.  But we also experienced the pain of a medical condition forcing a surgery which ended our ability to have more biological children.  So, please know that I am in no way condemning every couple who has not had a child.  Nor am I trying to say every couple must have x number of children to be holy.  All children are gifts of God and family size is no measure of true holiness!  I realize there are legitimate reasons for childlessness, such as a call to single-hood or medical / health conditions.  My heart is with those of you who want children but cannot have them (at least biologically).  And I would ask you to prayerfully consider adoption, if you find yourself in such a boat.

All that said, the dilemma or disaster being faced by America today is childlessness.  Intentional childlessness.  By married couples.  Not only is this a sad commentary on our hearts as it relates to God’s command, but it is also heading us toward disaster as a nation and culture.  We are not multiplying.  We are subtracting!  Our view of marriage and family and children is plunging us over the cliff of our own making.

Rather than try to regurgitate what very capable researchers are discovering, I invite you to explore this subject further by clicking this Link.





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Stephen Cox - I agree dear Pastor that this command, this blessing in our generation, is being disobeyed for many reasons, most of them worldly in many cases. Anna and I could not have children for physical reasons as well as legal in my situation. We sought to adopt but because of my criminal past while a teenager, where refused by the adoption agency. We determined to be the very best Aunt and Uncle we could be, as well as those who set a godly example to the many children of our Brethren in the Church.
Our greatest ministry to the family and their children is constant prayer to God for this foundational unit called the family. Abortion,abandonement, and chronic neglect, are the great curses of our day, and this is far to prevelant in the church I fear.
We are a distracted people, a peolple who know not their past history, nor the course we are on for the future in the church or Nation. Some signs of hope are seen, but not to the degree we need for God to revive, restore and establish a godly heritage. May the Commandments of the LORD, like the one you highlighted, once again have the heart of Gods people in order that, He may bless and prosper the church and Nation we are blessed to live in is my prayer.

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