When Pro-Lifers are Only Mostly Pro-life

abortion“Abortion Stops a Beating Heart!”

We’ve seen this bumper sticker on cars for decades now.  I’m not sure where the slogan came from, but it’s certainly true.  Medical research is now showing an unborn baby’s heartbeat can be detected at 12 weeks from conception, and sometimes even weeks earlier.  That means the brain has already developed enough to be “telling” the heart to beat!

One would think that someone who claims to be pro-life would unequivocally support the notion that “Abortion Stops a Beating Heart.”  And one would think a pro-lifer would then desire to do whatever he or she could to keep as many of those little hearts beating as possible.  It makes so much common sense.

But not if you’re Governor John Kasich.

Last week he vetoed the “Heartbeat Bill” which would have banned abortions in Ohio once a heartbeat was detected. And what’s worse, the Ohio Right to Life supported his spineless decision!  The Ohio RTL cited potential difficulties getting such a bill to stand before the Supreme Court.

I think we can call that “fear of man.”  Since when do we pro-lifers allow judicial viability to drive our decisions?  I thought we stood to defend the right to life!  Period.

And the Governor himself had the pathetic audacity to mention his concern about the cost of defending the Heartbeat Bill in the courts.  Did I just hear you correctly, Mr. Governor?  Saving babies is a great goal, but only if it doesn’t cost too much?  Well, because of your cowardice and moral depravity, rest assured thousands of unborn boys and girls will continue to pay the ultimate price.  Your evil will cost them their lives.

While I was quite public in my lack of support for President-elect Donald Trump, I can now say, “Thank you Lord that John Kasich did not win the nomination.”  I am hoping and praying Mr. Trump will demonstrate a true moral and ethical spine in the matter of the pro-life cause.  God make it so.  O Lord, remove this scourge from our culture.  How can we ever hope to glorify You as Creator and Sustainer of life when we continue to snuff it out in its most innocent and harmless form?

At this time of year, Christmastime, it is worth remembering and celebrating that our Mighty God did not ask Mary her opinion.  God did not give Mary the “right to do what she wanted with her own body.”  Rather, He declared what would be!  He would use her to bring Himself great glory and to bless the peoples of the earth with His salvation in Jesus Christ.  With His sovereign, almighty Spirit, He simply “overshadowed” her and “therefore the child to be born will be called holy – the Son of God” (Luke 1:35).

Thank You God for being a Rock of Life.  Forgive our national cowardice.  And replace our yellow-bellied leaders with men and women of genuine, biblical convictions.  For the sake of Christ’s fame among the nations.  Amen.            

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