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Children & Youth Ministry

Behold, children are a gift of the Lord . . . like arrows in the hands of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth. How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.

Psalm 127:3-4

Our ministry philosophy towards children and youth is simple and biblical – we believe God has appointed parents to teach, disciple, and raise up their children! So, we expend much effort equipping dads and moms and legal guardians to reclaim their rightful place as their child’s most trusted and respected teachers of truth. Our goal is not to segregate children and youth into cliques, but rather to come alongside parents to work together to saturate the next generation in the gospel. Our Bible studies and discipleship efforts aimed at children also aim to routinely include and equip parents. This is God’s way! So much of what our children and youth are being encouraged to do in our culture falls under what the Bible calls “folly.” At CBC, we are striving to move youth into God-fearing, gospel-driven, grace-loving adulthood that will see them taking the name of Jesus to Corydon, Indiana and to the tribes who have yet to hear the Gospel. For more information contact Pastor Eric Hall.

Safety Policy

Jesus told His followers to be “wise as serpents and innocent as doves” in their dealings with the world (see Matthew 10:16).  And sadly, our world, specifically our American culture, is becoming less and less safe.  Nearly every month we hear news of violence and murder in our schools, homes, streets, cities and even at our places of worship.  And yet, we also know that circumstances around us never change the truth that “our God reigns!” 
At CBC, we give high priority to the well-being (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical) of every person who gathers in our facility or on our property.  Our Deacon of Safety is an active Indiana State Trooper, and we are blessed to have other church members who serve in Law Enforcement.  Specific measures we take to protect everyone on our property include:

  • Parking Lot Security / Watchman 
  • Safety and Emergency Team on Duty each Sunday (consisting of nurses, firemen, paramedics, and police officers).  
  • A robust Child Protection Policy and in-depth screening and training of Children & Youth Volunteers.  We use http://www.ministrysafe.com/ and http://www.kidcheck.com/
  • Video Surveillance

We are in some ways saddened by the necessity of such measures.  Yet, we do want to be both wise and innocent, especially in the way we protect people.  Every person who ever comes onto our property or into our facility is made in God’s image and will spend eternity either in heaven or hell.  We hope and trust our security measures are a reflection of the biblical value we place upon each life.  If you have any questions about our safety measures or policies, contact a Pastor.  For more information about checking your child into our ministry using KidCheck contact Daniel Neeld, dneeld857@students.sbts.edu.